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Honeywell Galaxy 2 – Generic Cheap Prox / RFID Tags

Just a super quick blog post to get this on the SEO radar!

I just obtained a Honeywell Galaxy 2 security system with a Keyprox keypad, that is, a keypad with a build in RFID proximity tag reader.

The official tags are £15 per tag (absolute ripoff, as you shall soon see!) however I found I could pick one up for just £8 (including postage) from Amazon, so that’s what I did.

Using a Proxmark3 Easy 512 (which you can easily obtain on AliExpress for £20-£30) I read the tag I received and found it is in fact a generic, cheap em410x tag! Well that £8 was a bit of a waste!

For just £6 you can buy a pack of 10 T5577 rewritable tags which can be configured (with the Proxmark3) to emit any em410x ID you like, or if you’re even cheaper, for just £3 you can get a pack of 10 em410x read-only tags with random IDs to use with your system.

These tags are not only compatible with the Galaxy 2, but also with various other systems from the likes of Guardtec, Scantronic and Visonic, and even compatible with some access control systems like (some!) Paxton systems.

I hope this will reach the SEO terms for “RFID cheap prox tag honeywell galaxy” considering the hours of various combinations of these words I used to try and get info on the compatible tags, to save the time and money of others in the future.

If this helps you, please drop a comment down below! And if you need any assistance, feel free to drop me a line on the Contact page (not in the comments please! I do not reply to comments) .